As a house owner, you will feel bad if you found the pets are infesting your homes. They will not only destroy your property but also lead to various health problems for you and your family.

So, it is your responsibility to eliminate them as soon as possible. We provide you the effective pest control services to deal with harmful pests. We also Provide Commercial Pest control services at best rates. Our Locations are:

  1. Brisbane

  2. Gold Coast

  3. Hamilton

  4. Southport


Unit or ApartmentsFrom $90
Single Storey
From $140
Double Storey
From $160
Townhouse or VillaFrom $135

Please note that these prices are inclusive of GST


Why residential pest management?

Pest management is indispensable as pests affect human, plant and animal health. Most of the pests carry some disease. There are some pests which cause an outbreak and monolithic agricultural destruction. They destroy not only valuable food supply, cause death, and serious health problems but also bring severe damage to your property. Termites can destroy your wooden house structures, making them empty and useless.

Professional residential pest management

Pest management is a specialized service that you cannot do by yourself. We have technicians who are well-trained in the use of different pest control solutions. We always offer best.