Cobwebpest is your reliable local solution for termite management, termite inspection, and for pest infestations. Serving all Brisbane area to Gold Coast, Cobwebpest is as autonomous operated business and offer high-quality pest and termite control services. This the reason for which we now emerge as one of the preferable pest controllers in the area.

Known as one of the effective pest controllers in the market, we not only contain the growth of pests and termites but also eliminate their infestation to the core. The major factor that decides this aspect is the quality of services that one provides. We have the skill and knowledge to identify the specific pests invading your home and can recommend effective and best method for treatment.

Pest and termite control consists a series of effective steps being taken in controlling their growth. You will find most of the pests in are with the damp condition. Keeping the surroundings of your home clean and a sprinkling of chemicals that prove to be detrimental in the case of pests will help you a lot.

The controlling of termite and pest requires understanding about the pests. One needs to understand the life cycle and the surroundings in which pets and termites grow and expand their territory inside your home. If you want pests eliminated in the home, retail shops, industries or business houses, then you are at the right place. The experts at Cobwebpest offer all types of extermination services to all who are fast, safe and cost-effective.

Our mission

Termites eat wood from inside which further weakens and destroys your wooden material. Our main aim is to deliver the best possible termite management services so as to control the widespread damage caused by them.

Our vision

At COBWEB Pest Control we aim to be recognized as one of the leading experts in pest control industry. We are proud of delivering high-quality services and that’s what we would like to be acknowledged for.

Our goals

Our goal is to offer our clients effective, ecologically responsible pest control services. Through our services, we aim at maintaining health, protecting households and our Earth.



When you call us for termite management for your house, we first examine the current situation. We will use our cameras and termite noise sensor to find out whether there is termite or not.


After that, our experts will find out termite nest and will set up termite feeding stations. If we are not able to detect any termite trails, we will use drilling methods to locate it.


Once detected, we will destroy the termite nests and inject the pesticides around your house or into the soil to exterminate the termites.